Survival Condos

Our Goal

Survival Condo Living. Our objective when first approaching this project was to leave no stone unturned, and to ensure that every detail, from safety, feature and function, to style, comfort and luxury'¦every aspect of this endeavor had to be just right.

Our Result

The overall design finishings are “Ultra Modern” and the facility uses leading edge technologies. If you need to put together the necessary supplies for surviving one week while “off-grid”, the list of required supplies is very manageable. If you increase the duration to one month, that list gets longer. If you increase the duration to one year, or three years, or five years, this task becomes monumental and very expensive. 

Our Features

General Store. Indoor Pool & Spa, and a complete workout facility. Custom theater. Custom Bar & Lounge. Library & Classroom. Command & Control Center. Medical First Aid Center. Communication Center.Full kitchen available with High-end stainless appliances. Full Spectrum LED lighting throughout. Kohler fixtures throughout. 50-inch LED TV and home automation system with remote off-site access. Biometric Keyless access. Fully furnished and professionally decorated.

Current Inventory

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Hotel Unit 1E                 $500,000.00

Hotel Unit 1W                $500,000.00

Full-Floor Unit 5                 SOLD

Full-Floor Unit 6                 SOLD

Half-Floor Unit 7N             SOLD

Half-Floor Unit 7S              SOLD

Full Floor Unit 8         $2,400,000.00

Half-Floor Unit 9N      $1,300,000.00  Under Contract

Half-Floor Unit 9S       $1,200,000.00 

Half_Floor Unit 10N   $1,300,000.00  Under Contract

Half-Floor Unit 10S     $1,200,000.00 

Full-Floor Unit 11        $2,400,000.00